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In general photography is a way to capture a moment in time and share that moment, as I see it, with others.  But more than that, photography changes the way we see the world around us and enables us to appreciate all the wonderful aspects of life.  Mother nature is an amazing and ever changing wonder that can sometimes be unforgiving, but remains an example of everything that is special about the world we live in.  

I grew up in colorful Colorado with the Rocky Mountains as my backyard.  As I grew older I began to more appreciate the place that I call home.  Colorado is a place where many others spend their vacations, while I am lucky enough to live here. I am honored to call Evergreen Colorado my home.

Through the lens of my camera I found the perfect avenue to express my vision of the world around us.  Photography has allowed me to explore wonderful places and see things others only dream about.  

I am an avid scuba diver, and lucky enough to have traveled to some of this world's more awe inspiring environments.  The Galapagos Islands, Africa, Maldives, Palau, Yap, Fiji, Thailand, Philippines, Sweden, Norway, the Caribbean, the far reaching regions of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea are a few destinations I have had the privilege of visiting.  This planet has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauty and culture. 

This website is a display of my work collected over the years and is updated regularly.  So please, if you don't see something that interests you check back often.  It's a representation of  my home in Colorado and some of the magical places I have visited.  You may order any of the photos directly from this site or contact me for a more custom product.  Please respect that the rights to the photos displayed on this site are solely mine.  

EMAIL:  hoppem18@gmail.com

PHONE:  1-303-916-2298

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